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It's hasn't been often in creating this site that you get to hear things first hand, but that is exactly what happened when I recently emailed Izzy Young. Izzy owned the Folklore Center, which was a music shop in Greenwich Village in the 60s (but now owns a center in Stockholm). Dylan used to hang out and do gigs there. Izzy would also play to Dylan & others new music. But I was curious...could McLean also have been there? Was this the sacred store? Could Izzy be the man that said the music wouldn't play? Well Izzy's response is nothing short of fascinating. Read it here and decide for yourself.

Much thanks also goes to Dave Dingle who put me on this train of thought in the first place.

In 2001, the song was voted number 5 of the 365 most memorable songs of the 20th Century. In 2002 it was voted into the Grammy® Hall of Fame. This was particularly pleasing for McLean, having not won a Grammy® in March 1973 despite being nominated 4 times! If anyone knows if American Pie was named in VH1's Best Lyrics vote, please let me know!

COMING SOON ! 15/10/06
Okay, okay, I've been saying for months (or years!) that the site will be updated.....it is happening and is going to be exciting once completed. I will keep you posted of any changes
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By Saul Levitt
Site Creator

p.s. if you have used the site or song as a teaching resource and would be willing to share those resources, it would be greatly appreciated.

DON TRIVIA 21/04/03
Did you know that Don McLean owns the trademarks to: "The Day The Music Died", "Bye Bye Miss American Pie", "Starry, Starry Night" and "Don McLean."

In 1973 Don played a show at LA's Troubadour Club. Singing Empty Chairs inspired Lori Lieberman to write the song Killing Me Softly on a napkin. "I was actually blasé about going," says Lieberman. "I didn't know who he was, but from the moment he walked on stage, I was spellbound. I felt as if he knew me and his songs were about my life. I felt like he sang into my soul." Originally called killing me softly with his blues, Lori's poem inspired songwriters Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox to write the song for her. It was released on her debut album in 1971.

Hearing it on an airline's in-flight music programme Roberta Flack upon landing investigated the song and contacted Gimbel & Fox. She offered to record it & in 1973 it became a No 1 for her. Lieberman to this day is never given credit for lyrics and her version. McLean said he had no idea the song was about him. "Someone called me and said a song had been written about me and it was No. 1, "McLean recalled. "It was an honor and a delight, and I give Lieberman the credit. My songs have always come from my personal thoughts and experiences, so it's overwhelming when someone is moved and touched by them like Lori was." The song was also released by The Fugees in 1997

In 2003/3 Chevrolet have released a TV commercial for their car, the Cavalier. It includes music from The Beach Boys, Don McLean, Elton John & Prince. They are all shown singing their songs which all contain the word 'chevy'. The caption says "great artists need great inspiration" followed by "they don't write songs about volvos." If anyone has a copy of the commercial please let me know.

MARDI GRAS 21/04/03
On Saturday March 1st 2003 St.Louis U.S, they held their annual Mardi Gras festival. This year it was dedicated to Rock N Roll. Each float will be dedicated to one song. Randy Howland asked that the group he is involved in "The Grand Sultans of Excess" if they could do a float based on American Pie, which they have. This I'm told was partially inspired by my interpretation. For further info see: www.mardigrasinc.com

DON IN LONDONDon McLean signed concert ticket
In a surprise appearance, Don McLean appeared at the Hammersmith Apollo(see images below) in London on the 27th June 2000, Croydon Fairfield Hall on the 28th and Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on the 29th.
I was privileged enough to see him in Hammersmith. He put on a superb show. Don joked about playing famous Madonna song. (see below) His awesome vocals still can hit the note. McLean played a wide range of tunes crossing from country to more classic themes and of course undoubtedly American Pie with a great deal of audience participation! For more information see Don McLean Online
Don on stage at Hammersmith Don signing autographs
Hammersmith Hammersmith


Madonna recorded a version of Don McLean's 'American Pie' for her movie 'The Next Big Thing'

The star has did two new songs for the soundtrack. The film, in which Madonna stars alongside Rupert Everett and Benjamin Bratt, tells the tale of two friends who decide to have a child together, despite the fact that Everett's character is homosexual.


Madonna's version of American Pie has been met with success in the U.K, reaching the No: 1 position in the charts.
However it has not been without criticism.

For me, I find Madonna's voice monotone and unexciting. This is a real shame as her previous work shows her to be anything but average in the music arena. The 'cheap and cheerful' drum beats seem like something any wannabe 'dj' could have produced in their garage and adds little to the overall rhythm.

For many young people listening to the single, they will not be familiar with Don McLean's original and in my opinion superior version. This is a real shame, however perhaps some people may now rediscover it. It seems to me that Madonna has missed the point of the song. Does she even realise the meaning behind it? (see interpretation) The pop video just seems like another cheap attempt at Madonna flaunting her body in front of a U.S flag rather than using it as a chance to explain possible meanings behind the song.

The song may have been produced for a film ('The Next Best Thing), but if her version of the song is anything to go on, I for one won't be seeing the film!

By Saul Levitt
Creator - The Ultimate American Pie Website

During Garth Brook's famous Central Park concert, Don McLean made an unexpected appearance to perform an impromptu version of American Pie with Garth Brooks.
Don McLean and Garth Brooks Live in Central Park